History behind HSL

HSL grew out of two things. Driving on back roads was a way of life in the countryside to the north of Toronto so getting involved in a motorsport that loves that setting was natural. Paul began rallying at age 19 by attending a rally school organized by St. Clair Autosport Club. Most events took place on 100% gravel roads!
More recently, Paul used his Ham radio to be part of the safety team for performance rallies. The call sign of VE3 HSL, also his car’s vanity plate, contributed to the name.
In 1992, rallying a brand-new Suzuki Swift GT, Paul had to search for needed items for the car. Others asked where he found them and so, in supplying items to others, HSL RallySport began.

Why HSL Synthetics supplies AmsOil?

In 1993, HSL discovered AmsOil’s superior qualities after having issues with oil temperatures hitting 260F despite using a major synthetic in the Suzuki’s engine. With a red line set at 9600 rpm, this could easily destroy the engine. 40% of engine cooling comes from the oil, btw.
Another rallyist suggested AmsOil and the oil temperature never went over 185F. This also points out the value of having an oil temperature gauge as part of your car’s instrumentation! That year in 1993, HSL Rallysport was founded and became an independent AmsOil dealer offering a complete range of oils including a wide selection of racing oils, drive-train lubes, greases and filters to the public. Later, HSL Synthetics was added as a division to focus on AmsOil Products. I’m located in North Brampton and serving the communities in the Greater Toronto Area.